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Hot tips for Winter Arrangement Care


Before snow falls there can be extended periods of dryness. Please water your Winter and Holiday arrangements to keep the boughs from drying out. They will last a lot longer. You should be able to enjoy your winter arrangements until early Spring when we will be happy to relace them with Spring flowers. After it snows it is not necessary to water.


Remove any dried sections of boughs that have turned red.


After the Holidays it is a good idea to remove the ornaments, llights and bows to create a Winter Interest appearance. Ornaments left in containers after the holiday is over create a neglected appearance. Remove holiday accents and repace with additional dried accents like badam pods, yarrow, or protea repens available in grocery store floral departments and cragy stores. Adding yellow or lime green yarrow adds color and a hint of approaching Spring, cheerful during the middle of Winter.


In the event of a very heavy snow the boughs can get weighed down changing the apearance of the arrangements. It is OK to gently brush some of the snow off. Your car snow brush is ideal for this purpose. Gently brush off some of the snow to reduce weight on branches.


Enjoy your beautiful winter containers until Spring.

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